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Category: Survival & Safety Products

Emergency & Survival

Find all manner of survival tools here, including wilderness necessities like compasses, sleeping bags, blankets, generators, and even solar ovens, as well as urban disaster prep tools like hard hats, heat packs, and car converters
Photo of the: Mini Folding Scissors

Mini Folding Scissors

Item#: 15700


Photo of the: Emergency Space Blanket

Emergency Space Blanket

Item#: 13555


Photo of the: Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency Sleeping Bag

Item#: 14405


Photo of the: Multi-Function Survival Tool

Multi-Function Survival Tool

Item#: 15198


Photo of the: Emergency Water-Powered Lamp

Emergency Water-Powered Lamp

Item#: 17262


Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

Shop a selection of safety gear and personal protection devices like solar bicycle lights, emergency ponchos and ear plugs, as well as protective chemistry lab equipment like tongs, and rubberized grip mitts
Photo of the: Emergency Space Blanket

Emergency Space Blanket

Item#: 13555


Photo of the: iShield Disposable Face Shield

iShield Disposable Face Shield

Item#: 17050


Photo of the: Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency Sleeping Bag

Item#: 14405


Photo of the: PPE Face Shields - Pack of 10

PPE Face Shields - Pack of 10

Item#: 17057


Photo of the: Hard Hat - Head Protection

Hard Hat - Head Protection

Item#: 14408


Photo of the: Rubber Grip - For Hot Beakers

Rubber Grip - For Hot Beakers

Item#: 14478


Photo of the: Disposable Earplugs - 200 sets

Disposable Earplugs - 200 sets

Item#: 16832


Nitrile Medical Exam and Industrial Gloves

Shop a large selection of affordable medical exam and industrial gloves. We have Latex-free and powder-free Nitrile and Vinyl disposable gloves in stock and ready to ship today.

Magnetic Compasses

Tell north from south and east from west with these aluminum, plastic, and carabiner compasses. Also find bulk compass packs perfect for detecting magnetic fields during experiments in the classroom.
Photo of the: Aluminum Compass - 1.75 inch

Aluminum Compass - 1.75 inch

Item#: 15627


Photo of the: Compass - 1.5 inch diameter

Compass - 1.5 inch diameter

Item#: 15604


Photo of the: 6Pc Watch Band Compass Set

6Pc Watch Band Compass Set

Item#: 16974


Photo of the: Military Precission Compass

Military Precission Compass

Item#: 14711


Safety Test & Measurement

Safely determine the temperature of various substances with our glass and digital thermometers, test the acidity of liquids with pH testing kits, and perform ecological experiments with air and water testing kits perfect for science fair projects
Photo of the: Tape Measure Keychain

Tape Measure Keychain

Item#: 12249


Photo of the: Digital Sound Meter

Digital Sound Meter

Item#: 16322


Photo of the: Digital EMF Meter

Digital EMF Meter

Item#: 16326


Photo of the: How Clean is the Water? Kit

How Clean is the Water? Kit

Item#: 15338


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