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xUmp.com is a Green Company!

At Xump.com, we have an unwavering respect for the environment. We believe it is a moral and ethical responsibility to have sound ecological stewardship, and we are committed to doing our part in encouraging responsible use of our natural resources and protecting the environment. We believe that environmentally sustainable business practices can build employee and customer loyalty, drive new business for our company, and even be cost effective! This is reflected in both the types of products that we sell and our business practices:

Xump is unwavering in continuing to find ways to improve environmental stewardship within our company. Such commitments include eventually having our warehouse facility be run off solar energy, and soon changing our invoices to a much smaller paper format, thus drastically reducing both our energy consumption and paper waste.

We are committed to conducting our business in an ecologically responsible and proactive way. We hope that our practices and the products that we sell will encourage our business partners and customers (both old and young!) to strive for the same high level of commitment in protecting our natural resources!

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At xUmp.com, we are passionate about science. We believe in hands-on learning and making science fun. - Anton Skorucak, Physicist and Founder

At xUmp.com you will find a large selection of scientific products carefully curated by real scientists and educators. We sell everything from educational toys, teacher supplies for science classroom, lab equipment, science toys, science fair supplies, classroom equipment, chemistry glassware, chemistry lab equipment, physics demos, electronics supplies, robots, science kits to geeky science gifts.