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Analog Adjustable USB Power Supply - 1V to 30V 2A - Image One Analog Adjustable USB Power Supply - 1V to 30V 2A - Image two Analog Adjustable USB Power Supply - 1V to 30V 2A - Image three
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Analog Adjustable USB Power Supply - 1V to 30V 2A

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With this handy USB power supply you can get any voltage from 1V to 30V and up to 2A current. Just plug it into your USB power bank or USB phone charger. Then adjust the voltage using the dial knob of the potentiometer. Built-in output voltmeter with digital LCD display with 0.1V resolution.

Great for electronics and science experiments where you need an adjustable voltage power supply.


  • Input voltage: 4-13V (USB male, MicroUSB, TYPE-C 3 input interfaces)
  • Output voltage: 1-30V (fast-connect wire terminal output, USB female output)
  • Output current: 0-2A (The output current in constant voltage mode is adaptive according to the load size, it is not adjustable. If you however set the current limit to 1A, then if the load current is greater than 1A, device it will automatically enter the constant current mode.)
  • Output power: less than 15W (when the output power is greater than 15W, the output is automatically turned off, the OPP is displayed, and the load power is reduced, press the ON/OFF button to reset).
  • Voltage display: resolution 0.01V, accuracy ± (0.5%)
  • Current display: resolution 0.001A, range 0-2A, factory accuracy ± (0.5%)
  • Power display: 0.00W-15.00W
  • Built-in Temperature protection
  • Working current: about 30mA

18 +
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Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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